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Divorce Proceedings
Going through a divorce is probably the hardest life experiences any of us will go through. Engaging an attorney early in the process, whether you are filing a petition or answering one, is a good idea. An attorney can help to buffer controversies between the parties, lay out a strategy, and establish workable temporary orders until the divorce is final.
Alison’s prior experience in real estate is an added benefit to more complex property and settlement agreements.

Custody Disputes
Child custody disputes can arise during or after divorce, between couples who never married, same sex couples, and grandparents. Alison understands and appreciates that these controversies are emotionally charged. She can help to bring some compassion for the children in these cases so that the best interest of the child is the end result.

Child Support
Child support is just as the name says: support for the CHILD. Whether you are the parent needing financial support for your child or the parent responsible for such support, Alison has the experience to craft an original order, modification, or enforcement to ensure your child gets what she needs. She has successfully represented non-custodial parents in reaching agreements with custodial parents and the Attorney General ensuring financial support of the children involved.

Grandparent Custody
In Texas, a grandparent must be able to show that they have had at least six months of actual care, control, and possession of the child. Interestingly, a grandparent may be able to meet this burden even if the parent of the child lives in the same home with the grandparent and child! Texas grandparents also have standing to file for custody because the child's present circumstances would significantly impair the child's physical health or emotional development.

If the father of your child denies paternity as a way not to pay child support, or if you are paying child support for a child that may not be yours, a paternity suit may be something to consider. Some of the rules have changed in Texas, so even if it’s been a few years, you may be able entitled to file a suit. Give our office a call to find out.

CPS System Legal Disputes
Having your child removed and taken into CPS custody is every parent’s worst nightmare. Whether you are the parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, or family friend of a child in CPS care, early legal representation in the case may be the key to keeping your child in the family. Alison has experience as a court appointed guardian and ad litem for children, and as the attorney hired to represent parents fighting to get their children home. She successfully obtained custody and child support for a father who’s son was removed from the child’s mother by CPS. Alison’s unique experience will help you achieve the best outcome for your family.


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"Mrs. Meyers is the most helpful and understanding lawyer that I have ever ran upon. She took the time to explain each and everything that was coming down the pipe. I'm very grateful to have her help me in this very emotional case. I will use her services when the time comes to revisit the guardianship. Thank you!!!"